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The BSB 9 RDO is the sub-1000 gram race frame that will take you through every off camber corner, up every staircase, and into endless gauntlets of brew drinking, prime tossing, screaming, heckling fans – lap after lap after lap.

The BSB 9 RDO is beautiful from the inside out via Niner’s Carbon Compaction System. Now used throughout the Niner RDO lineup, this CCS utilizes rigid internal molds and results in tighter, more consistent compaction of the carbon layers, yielding increased precision in wall thickness and significantly reduced resin pooling in the final product, allowing us to aim for better ride tuning, increased strength and durability along with the weight reduction that results from a more efficient process. At sub 1000 grams for a size 56cm, the BSB 9 is competitive in any line up.

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Niner Red, Green/Greener


47, 50, 53, 56, 59, 62


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